Say hello to practice e-signatures for your locum A NHS pension forms

Lantum is committed to delivering smart and simple tools that make life easier for our GP community. That’s why we’ve just rolled out electronic signatures so that practice managers can auto sign your locum A forms.

It’s safe to say, we’ve never been this excited about locum A forms!

So, what does this mean for you?

Practice auto sign means you will never have to chase practices for signed locum A forms again (as long as they opt-in to auto sign). Start telling your PMs to add their signatures now!

And what does this mean for practices?

Auto sign means practices can say goodbye to tedious printing, signing and posting the forms.

We hope this makes your life simpler and easier so you can make better use of your time. Any questions or feedback? Get in touch! We love hearing from our community and your input ensures we’re always GP-led.

This new feature is approved by the NHS Business Services Authority (responsible for administering the NHS Pension Scheme in England and Wales).

Next up, we’ll be looking into auto generating pension B forms. Watch this space!

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