The Lantum Community

Welcome to the Lantum GP community – a vibrant hub where our GPs can meet, share ideas and help each other thrive in today’s NHS.

Curated by our clinical team, we want to improve your access to professional support, education and training, and give you the platform to build a network of professional friends and colleagues.

After all, life as a locum shouldn’t be lonely.


Meet the Community

  • Ishani_Patel-1

    Dr Ishani Patel

    Co-Founder and Head of Clinical Education

    I care deeply about the sustainability of general practice in a changing NHS, and my role focusses on providing the best professional support for GPs.

  • Susie_Brennan

    Dr Susie Brennan

    Head of Clinical Governance

    I have been involved with Lantum since the early days and really believe in the ways we benefit general practice.

  • Zoe-Williams

    Dr Zoe Williams

    Community Champion

    I got involved with the Lantum Community to help GPs thrive through peer and educational support.

  • Shubhanan-Upadhyay

    Dr Shubhanan Upadhyay

    Community Champion

    I got involved with Lantum after hearing about the Community they were looking to build - something that allowed GPs to thrive through peer and educational support.

  • Saffan-Qureshi-1

    Dr Saffan Qureshi

    Community Champion

    I am a first five GP having completed my undergraduate studies at UCL and postgraduate training in North East London

Get involved

  • The Community Champion role


    The Lantum Community Champions are grassroots leaders who grow and engage our community.

  • The GP Community Activists


    The Lantum GP Community Activists are GPs who are active in shaping our product and growing our community.

  • Get involved in health tech


    Our GP community love seeing behind the scenes of health tech that exists to improve their lives. We do regular GP focus groups to share new product features and get your feedback.

Our most recent videos

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  • A Network Locum (now Lantum) video: Dr Gyles Morrison talks with Lantum about digital health and the role of the General Practitioner. How to get involved, why to get involved, and how to shape the future.
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