The Lantum Clinical Team

Our community is led by a fantastic, forward-thinking team of experienced GPs who are passionate about helping fellow GPs flourish.

Together we ensure GPs are always at the heart of our product and supporting resources – helping the whole community to grow professionally.


Clinical Team

  • Ishani_Patel-1

    Dr Ishani Patel


    I care deeply about the sustainability of general practice in a changing NHS, and my role focusses on providing the best professional support for GPs.

  • belinda_coker_v3

    Dr Belinda Coker

    Head of Clinical Governance

    It's a pleasure to be part of Lantum. GPs and healthcare staff are extremely busy and I believe they should have the tools to make working life easier, effective, safe and productive.

Community Champions

  • Zoe-Williams

    Dr Zoe Williams

    Community Champion

    I got involved with the Lantum Community to help GPs thrive through peer and educational support.

  • Shubhanan-Upadhyay

    Dr Shubhanan Upadhyay

    Community Champion

    I got involved with Lantum after hearing about the Community they were looking to build - something that allowed GPs to thrive through peer and educational support.

  • Saffan-Qureshi-1

    Dr Saffan Qureshi

    Community Champion

    I am a first five GP having completed my undergraduate studies at UCL and postgraduate training in North East London.

Community Representatives

  • Nutan-Patel

    Dr Nutan Patel

    Clinical Education Lead, Manchester

    I am a newly qualified GP looking to expand the Lantum offer in Manchester.

  • Diana-Richard

    Dr Diana Richard

    Clinical Education Lead, Birmingham

    I am a sessional GP in Birmingham who is passionate about clinical education

  • Claire_Davies

    Dr Claire Davies

    Community Representative, Infectious Diseases

    I'm a freelance and salaried GP in East London. My clinical interests are travel and tropical medicine.

  • Junaid-Bajwa

    Dr Junaid Bajwa

    Community Representative, New Models of Care

    I am a GP and Clinical Associate on the New Models of Care Programme for NHSE, and the Executive Director of Healthcare Services, at MSD UK.

  • Ricky-Gondia

    Dr Ricky Gondhia

    Community Representative, Portfolio Careers

    I love being a GP and feel that having a portfolio career allows me to use my clinical skills in a different way, helps me get out of the consulting room, and prevents me from burning out.

  • Krishan-Aggarwal

    Dr Krishan Aggarwal

    Community Representative, Portfolio Careers

    I am a Portfolio GP and enjoy a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical work that my roles offer.

  • David-Mummery

    Dr David Mummery

    Community Representative, HIV & Diabetes

    I have been a full time GP for over 10 years and have special clinical interests in diabetes, HIV and sexual health, paediatrics and over-diagnosis.

  • Gyles-Morrison

    Dr Gyles Morrison

    Community Representative, Personal & Professional Development

    I provide insight and guidance on personal branding and networking, as well as practical advice on transforming one's personal and professional life.

  • Keith-Grimes

    Dr Keith Grimes


    I am a sessional GP who is a passionate believer in the power of digital technology to innovate health and care and address the global challenges facing us.

  • Karin-Schachinger-2

    Dr Karin Schachinger

    Community Representative, Women's Health

    I am a GP in London who has special interests in Women’s Health as well as Sports Medicine and Dermatology

  • Hiren-Chauhan

    Dr Hiren Chauhan

    GP Growth Partner

    As a recently qualified GP, I work full time as both a Salaried and Locum GP in the West Midlands which provides a good balance and allows me to work in a variety of clinical settings