DRS - Effective and Easy Compliance for Junior Doctors

From a tried, tested and trusted provider – helping NHS employers maintain safe and compliant staff levels at all times.

Developed for the NHS

  • Developed in consultation with the NHS for over 20 years, to fulfil its unique needs
  • Meets national legislative changes and contractual requirements
  • Ensures safe working practices and helps to improve work-life balance for staff

A better system for junior doctor rota compliance & exception reporting

DRS simplifies the production of compliant, safe and fair doctors’ work patterns and has been adapted to national legislation, contracts and the EWTD (European Working Time Directive).

  • Compliance issues are highlighted in real time, during work pattern creation.
  • DRS facilitates the creation of exception reports, encouraging doctors to make these vital contributions to safety and well-being.
  • Guardians of Safe Working Hours are provided with the tools and data to manage exceptions and prevent them reoccurring.

Cost Analysis

Providing analysis of staffing costs, DRS enables informed discussions, decisions and planning, showing how work patterns can be optimised.

DRS also allows the inclusion of Pay Premia, weighting allowances and any other local variations. This makes DRS the one place to see what a person should be paid, all displayed in the work schedule for full transparency between employer and employee.

Headline Reporting

Duty Count

Enabling you to quickly see how many shifts are in a work pattern, this is especially useful when working with less than full time (LTFT) staff. Easier work pattern analysis allows for more efficient rota design and enables you to assess cover levels, such as reviewing the day and night shift balance. What seems to be the best pattern for the organisation may not be reasonable for all staff.

Hours Counts

An Hours Count for each week of the pattern facilitates balancing and fairness for staff – going beyond compliance, DRS promotes the care of employees’ health. DRS is supporting Trusts to identify pressure points and reduce staff burnout.

GoSWH reporting

DRS has been developed with consideration to Guardians of Safe Working hours (GoSWH), giving them tools that reduce their admin burden and allow them to spend more time actually championing safer working hours. This includes ensuring exception reports provide complete and accurate information, enabling easy analysis, and downloadable data for quarterly and annual board reports.

With the implementation of DRS, right from the beginning, the team has always been there to support, always answered any questions, no matter how silly they are! They’ve always been responsive and helpful.

Callum Livermore

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

DRS puts clinicians back with patients


Intuitive interface requires little training


Tasks which took hours now take minutes


Gives time back to clinicians to focus on patient care